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Fratelli Centonze Srl was established in 2000 with the aim of working in the construction industry with expertise in road construction and maintenance of roads, aqueducts and sewage construction and maintenance, public lighting, street furniture and works to green, urbanization starting from excavation to finish construction of the supply and installation of street furniture.

Mr. Antonio Centonze, CEO and Technical Director of the Company; former employee of one of the leading companies in the industry in the province of Lecce, in 1986 he formed with his brother, a company which was responsible for the technical field.

In 2000, with the experience and technical prowess, decided to start a business in which to pour his experience and knowledge. After so many years, even today this is the "core business".
The company is certified at the "Soa Attesta SpA" OG 3 categories for class IV, 6 class II OG, OG 1 II. The last milestone reached by Fratelli Centonze Srl. Is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 obtained April 10, 2007 with the Company "Q Gest Srl".


The labor force consists of personnel working in the field for many years with knowledge and expertise, also makes use of jobbers of confidence for teams of highly specialized. The attention to environmental problems and the use of renewable energy is gaining momentum in Italy and despite the distance that still separates us from other European countries Fratelli Centonze Srl wants to be a piece importarnte in this process of growth and careful the environment. Therefore, the company has recently focused its commitment in the field of renewable energy and energy conservation, enlarging its fleet with the purchase of new and improved equipment, comply with standards, also suitable for construction of production facilities alternativa.L energy 'company has focused not only on the quality of the equipment, preparation of staff. All, in various capacities, attended refresher training courses using the new equipment is supplied to the company, that the processing of new materials, for example: the drafting of new carpets drainer, soundproofing, antiskid, etc. .. as well as the quality system.
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The Company

Fratelli Centonze Srl  was founded in 2000 with the aim of working in road construction ...




The business development model is divided into two areas...

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