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The current activities Fratelli Centonze srl is addressed primarily to excavation and construction, development, sewer lines, excavations and laying pipes for water supply and street lighting network, laying of road curbs, construction of sidewalks, bike paths, parking areas public facilities, fencing and fencing foundation elevation.

When you have to do with road works is not important only the first phase of construction, but it also provided an important maintenance plan to fight the best that the degradation with time involves any type of road surface. This Fratelli Centonze srl is equipped with skilled workers, who are also involved in the operations of bitumen road.


Fratelli Centonze Srl offers its clients the following services:


EXCAVATIONS: excavation with backhoe or excavator, chain wheel on the road for several excavations conducted.

SEWER LINES: new construction, renovation or repair sewer lines, housing, waste water for white or black, even to the main line connection.

LIGHTING NETWORK: excavation, supply and installation of corrugated tube lighting, supply and laying plinth for sustaining public lighting pole.

WATER SUPPLY: excavation, supply, installation and irrigation water supply pipe.

CREASE ROAD AND FLOORING: Supply and laying of road profile straight, driveway, low profile for the disabled, delineation sidewalks.

CYCLE TRACKS: construction of cycle tracks and footpaths, with relative laying cords and Pietrini, asphalt and more.

PARKS AND PUBLIC AREAS: construction of public facilities and parking areas, and where required planting and street furniture, quartz cement, asphalt.

FENCES: construction of foundations and walls in elevation for both straight and curved enclosures.

First class the vast and ever new machinery: crawler and wheeled excavators, with hammers, shovels, blades, loaders, rollers, dump trucks, mini-excavators, vibratory finishers, truck c / c right / third parties.

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